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Dear Friend,

Reaching Out

Although the focus of the ministry at Rancho 3M is the at-risk and orphaned children who live here, there are extensions to that, such as the daily ministry at our Christian school, and occasionally an outreach event to our community.  Because of the violence in our area, we have not had an event like this in a long time.  Most days all is well, but every now and then someone is killed or disappears and our community returns to a state of fear and uncertainty.  At one point this summer, an instance of such violence occurred in a neighboring town, and several lives were tragically lost in a fight between opposing cartels.  However, even in a time of sorrow mixed with fear we saw the Lord’s restoring hand at work – that same week a visiting team hosted an evangelistic outreach to our hurting community.


Kingdom Advancement

It seemed as if the Lord used the devastating events during that week to remind people of the uncertainty of their future and of their need for a Savior.  It appeared that the threat of violence, instead of causing everyone to stay home, only stirred people to come and seek the Lord.  As we prepared to receive folks, we continued in apprehensive prayer for safety and the salvation of souls.  We were immediately encouraged – not an hour before the event, military vehicles passed by the Ranch and we were able to stop them and request that they make passes by our facility while the event was going on just in case something happened – which they were very gracious to do.  The Lord takes care of his children!

At the event, everyone was served a generous portion of food and were seated at tables in our school courtyard.  After dinner, the wind picked up so much that our visitors had to be ushered into the chapel. Then a Spanish-speaking pastor from the team shared with the crowd the refreshing good news of Jesus. He pointed out that they had just received a wonderful meal and were full, but they would be hungry again soon. Then he shared the words of our Savior, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst” (John 6:35).  By God’s grace, the most wonderful miracle happened at the end – about 20-25 people came forward to repent of their sins and to put their faith in Jesus!  We closed by sharing information about different Christian churches in the area where folks could get plugged in to continue their walk with the Lord.  As people were leaving, they were blessed with bags of food, tracts, and most importantly, Bibles – the precious Word of God – spiritual food that is able to truly fill them and transform their lives.  In all of this, we were so encouraged by God’s gentle reminder that nothing can stop His kingdom’s advancement.  Praise God for His kindness and compassion towards the poor and hurting in our community. This event would not have happened without visiting teams and faithful supporters like you. Thank you for your support!

By His Grace,

Dean Adamek, E.D. Rancho 3M

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Growing Together

Dear Friend,

Experiencing God’s Gift of Friendship

One of the joys of serving at Rancho 3M is witnessing how God works in the lives of His children.  Last summer, I shared in a newsletter that Leydi (pronounced Lady) put her faith in Christ and immediately began telling the Good News to her brother.  I’d like to give you a follow-up story of what the Lord has been doing in her life. She is pictured above on the right.

Since Leydi surrendered her life to Jesus, she has been growing by leaps and bounds!  Her joyful attitude and willingness to serve in any way she can has been contagious and has been a good influence on the other kids.  She has been a particular blessing to Perla (pictured on left), who became a Christian about two years ago, but her spiritual growth has been slow, largely due the trauma she’s experienced in her broken family.

Perla and Leydi have recently become best friends.  If you know Perla, you know that she has a alternately sweet and salty personality (a survival method common to children from hard places to keep people at an emotionally “safe” distance) that has made it hard for her to make lasting friendships since she was a little girl.  Leydi’s sweet, patient, and dependable character has made her the ideal confidant and sister figure for Perla.  We have witnessed the grace of God in Leydi as she has been full of encouraging words to build up Perla as they serve around Rancho 3M together.  This has greatly helped Perla in her spiritual growth, and we’ve never seen her so happy.  God knew just what she needed, and He graciously provided a true friend for her.   It is such a blessing to us as

Leydi has not only been a blessing to Perla, but also to the other children. Through her sweet and Christ-like behavior, Leydi has become one of the kids’ favorites.  Before Valentine’s Day we wrapped a big box and put a slot in it for all the kids and staff to insert special notes and candy for each other. We needed one of the older kids to be responsible for carrying it around every day that week. All the kids voted, and they elected Leydi!

Experiencing God’s Provision

Leydi has needed glasses for some time, but since her weekdays are full with school and orchestra practice (she’s learning the violin), we were unable to get her to the eye doctor for a while.  But God knew what she needed and took care of the scheduling conflicts. One day when the kids arrived in Juarez for orchestra practice (an hour away from Rancho 3M), they found out it was canceled except for those who were in the choir.  Everyone else had to wait several hours until they finished.  This was the Lord’s doing.  We now had the perfect window of time to bring her in for an eye exam!

Thanks to faithful supporters like you, we were able to buy her a nice pair of glasses.  For almost 50 years God has provided for the needs of children like Leydi and Perla. Thank you for allowing God to use you to care for so many at-risk and orphaned children. May God bless you!

By His Grace,

Dean Adamek, E.D. Rancho 3M

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Discipling the Next Generation

Wow – so much has happened since last month that I hardly know where to begin. Therefore, I will focus on something very important to us – discipleship.

While of course we strive to raise all our children in the Lord, we have a particular burden for the discipleship of our youth.  Since our church service has to be simple enough for the littlest of our kids to understand, we have to intentionally find ways to give our teenagers the deeper material they need.  Our older kids have walked through some really tough circumstances and have a deeper understanding of their own situations than our little ones, and so they especially need to be rooted in sound doctrine and a relationship with the Lord.  


A lot of our discipleship happens through formal times of teaching.  They just finished taking the “Alpha Course”, which covers the essentials of the Christian faith.  It was taught by a pastor from a church in Juarez, who each week addressed an important question like “Who is Jesus?” and “How can we have faith?”.  They also recently participated in a group Bible study along with our staff, led by a visiting pastor. Ironically, the topic was the book of Revelation – quite a step up from the Alpha Course!   Despite the “deepness” of the material, they were quite enthralled!  We are always encouraged to watch them digest new truths from God’s Word and ask good (and sometimes really hard!) questions.  


In addition to classes and such, we also disciple our youth by giving them opportunities to serve – alongside us whenever possible.  We are always delighted to see our children and staff living out (sometimes quite unintentionally) the mandate of Deuteronomy 11:19, “Teach them [God’s words] to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up”.  Some of our deepest conversations occur when we involve our youth in daily, one-on-one activities like cooking, preparing for a party, working on a car, tending the animals, making a grocery run, organizing a closet, gardening, etc.  Spending time with our youth in these mundane activities builds a trusting relationship through which the Gospel can be shared effectively.


This Christmas we did something a little different.  We wanted to show our teenagers empathy for others and the joy of giving instead of getting.  So, we contacted a pastor (who grew up at Ranch 3M) who pastors a church in a low-income area of Juarez.  He provided us with the names and ages of all the children in the church, and our kids put together personalized gifts to bless them.  We explained to our youth that some of these children would not have ordinarily received anything for Christmas – something they understood very acutely.  Our kids also prepared delicious tamales and a special Mexican drink to share with them.  It was so good for our kids to see how much work and preparation goes into serving others.  They enthusiastically served the tamales and drinks with the Juarez church; and then they had the joy of being able to hand out the gifts to an excited group of children.  There was a sweet mentally-handicapped girl there who seemed to be the happiest of all.

The biggest lesson I think they learned is what the Lord Jesus Himself said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).  I am confident that this is something you have also experienced as you have blessed the children of Rancho 3M with your time, prayers, energy and giving.  Thank you for being an example to our kids!  May your joy continue to abound!

By His grace,

Dean Adamek

Execcutive Director, Rancho 3M

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Birthday Adventures with the Boys!

Dear Friends,


The Lord continues showing the children here at Rancho 3M His great love and care for them.  One of our children, Yonny, was brought to the Ranch with his siblings when he was a mere four years old.  With a background of extreme poverty, the kids had several different dads who each eventually left their mom.  Ten years have gone by and Yonny just turned 14 years old!

My sons took the older boys out to Juárez the other night to celebrate Yonny’s birthday.  They had a blast eating hamburgers and then going to see a high-action guys’ movie.  It turned into a comical evening.  In the men’s restroom of the theater, Yonny could not figure out how to turn the sink on.  When someone showed him how to wave his hand under the motion sensor, he was thrilled!  He couldn’t stop yelling, “Hey guys! Look at this!”.  Next, all the boys piled themselves against the snack counter, oblivious to their obstruction of space.

Soon with smiles on their faces and their hands full, they left the concessions, immediately spilling a large coke all over the floor.  It just so happened that the electricity had just gone out as well.  The manager came swiftly to the rescue, scooped up the cup and lid off the dirty floor, and refilled it for them (ya gotta love Mexico – wouldn’t want to waste a cup)!


We’ve been making an effort to get all the kids out more.  Yes, Yonny and our other youth need some training in how to behave in public.  But manners are only a scratch on the surface of the life-lessons they need to learn before adulthood.  We are working towards reprogramming the next generation in the way they think and act in areas such as: self-control, discipline, honesty, working hard, getting married, eating right, taking care of their possessions, respecting others, planning ahead, tithing, saving, spending money wisely, being trained in useful skills, not stealing, not begging, not tearing others down, and basically – treating others the way they want to be treated.

There is no way we can change their mindsets by our own efforts. Only the word of God can change their minds and their hearts. “For the word of God is living and active…” (Hebrews 4:12).  We’ve been discipling the older boys from the book of Proverbs, which has practical wisdom for young men.  We are dealing with areas a little at a time and have already had a number of successes, thanks to the Lord!  But honestly, these young men have some serious issues.  Please pray with us that the seeds of God’s Word would fall on good soil in their hearts, and that they would bear much fruit!  Thank you very much for your kindness in partnering together with us to make a real and tangible difference in their lives!

By His grace,

Dean Adamek

Executive Director

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Orphan Sunday

Dear Friends,


Thank you for your care to the children here at Rancho 3M!  We so appreciate your love, support and care for these children who are very near the heart of God.  These fatherless children are vulnerable, easily exploited, and in need of protection and care.

When God speaks of the fatherless in the Bible, He reveals something about His character.  He calls himself the “Father of the fatherless,” (Ps. 68:5), their “helper” (Ps. 10:14), and their strong “Redeemer” (Prov. 23:11).  “He upholds” them (Ps. 146:9) and “will plead their cause” (Prov. 23:11).  God tells His people to leave something in their field during harvest for the fatherless, “that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands” (Deut. 24:19-20).  These scriptures inspire us to want to join God in His work and help the fatherless in any way He leads.


He uses people like you and me to help fulfill His promises to them.  Last Sunday, many churches around the world recognized “Orphan Sunday.”  On the topic of how we can be used by God to care for the orphan, a pastor friend of mine told his congregation, “We can’t do everything, but we can do something.”  

We would like to thank you for the “something” that you do in helping the fatherless here at Rancho 3M.  Whether it is coming to visit the children, sending a monthly gift, or interceding on their behalf to our Heavenly Father – the Lord sees what many of you have done in secret, and will one day reward you openly.

“And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward.” Matthew 10:42

Thank you!

By His grace,

Dean Adamek
Executive Director, Rancho 3M

“Rescuing, caring for, training and discipling at-risk and orphaned children for the glory of God”

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