Special Update: Baby Home

Dear Friends,

Over the years, members of Covenant Life Church of Gaithersburg, MD and others have invested thousands of dollars and volunteer hours to construct a Baby Home here at the Rancho 3M orphanage in Mexico. It is with a fresh sense of gratitude for their investment that I am writing to announce a recent change in the Baby Home’s function.

Before the Baby Home was completed in 2011, there was a great need in our area for a facility that could care for abandoned infants and children. The state-run Baby Home in nearby Juarez was filled beyond capacity. An official from the DIF (a national agency similar to Child Protective Services in the US) told us they had to turn kids away and try and place them elsewhere. In the light of that great need and the vulnerability of these children, they spent 2 years designing and building a first-rate facility here at Rancho 3M. What a joyful day it was when we celebrated the grand opening on May of 2012!

But with the enactment of a new law here in Mexico, the need for a Baby Home vanished overnight, literally. At-risk children were now processed in a new way that reduced the DIF’s caseload by over 80%. As a result, the DIF no longer had a need for us to care for infants and toddlers.
For most of 2014 we housed only two toddlers, Esmeralda and Camila, in the Baby Home which could house up to 20. When the Rancho 3M Board of Directors met with the DIF representative last fall, they asked her if DIF had any plans to send more little ones to our Baby Home during the next year. “Maybe one,” she replied.