Logsdon Academy Scholarships

Scholarship Program

At our school, Colegio Logsdon, we have the privilege of providing children from Rancho 3M and the surrounding war-torn community with a solid, Christian education.  Colegio Logsdon exists to teach students the Gospel of Jesus Christ, disciple them, and to provide them with a Biblically-grounded education.  However, many of our students come from poor families who are not able to afford tuition for our school.  Additionally, many of our students are from Rancho 3M, and rely solely on donated funds for tuition, uniforms and school supplies.  The sponsorship program gives children from Rancho 3M and from the community the opportunity to attend our private, Christian school – something they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.  Please pray about whether the Lord would have you participate in the sponsorship program to help to bring the Gospel and a Biblical education to children in Guadalupe and the surrounding area.  THANK YOU for your prayerful consideration!

A full scholarship is only $80 a month to provide a child with a Christian education.
We have also made available partial scholarships at $40 a month.

If you would prefer to donate by check, you can do so by writing a check to “Rancho 3M” and designating it to “School Sponsorship Program – Student’s Name” in the memo line.  Check donations can be made for $960 per year or $80 per month to provide a full sponsorship.  Alternatively, you can provide a partial sponsorship at $480 per year or $40 monthly.

We have covered some of our students faces because they are either wards of the state or need to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

For more information and our frequently asked questions about the Scholarship Program please click here.

Click on one of the children’s profiles below to start your scholarship.

Our system has experienced a glitch that our technologically impaired administrative team is struggling to fix (pray for us!).  In the meantime, if you choose to sponsor a student kindly send us an email at clare@rancho3m.com with the following information: 

(1) Who you sponsored

(2) Your name and address. 

This will help us greatly to get your sponsorship packet to you in a timely manner.

Thank you so much and we apologize for the hassle!